WARNING: These products are intended for used by persons 18 or older, and not by children, women who are pregnant or breast feeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine for depression or asthma. If you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combination of inhalants, consult your physician before using this product. This product is sold purely for recreational purposes - it is not a smoking cessation product and has not been tested as such. You must be over the legal age in your state to buy or use this product. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

WARNING:This product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance.

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: This product contains Nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

RAD Vapor is a Registered trademark of RAD Vapor LLC, Carlsbad, CA

RAD E Liquid

Made in the USA

Introducing the MOD Reserve Line. Made in a FDA cGMP approved

facility, this line has been "Vape Shop" tested and includes the most

popular flavor profiles on the market. They are sure to be a hit with your  customers! All of our e liquid is made right here in the United States and we use only the finest ingredients. We never compromise and consistently deliver the best tasting e liquid made. Our research and development team is always "playing" with new flavors and flavor

combinations to satisfy even the most difficult palette. 

​RAD E liquid contains 5 simple ingredients:  1. Propylene Glycol - This is a by product of fermentation used to help 
deliver the nicotine into the bloodstream. It is used in asthma inhalers
and is a food grade ingredient used in over 1500 food products and
health products commonly used. It is anti-microbial and antifungal
and has been studied extensively.  ​2. Vegetable glycerin - This is a form of vegetable oil and has a sweet
​taste, absorbs moisture and is used a a solvent. It is also common in
many foods and cosmetics. Again, this ingredient is also used to deliver
the nicotine in the vapor.   3. Food grade flavoring is added to the e liquid to create the unique
tastes. These are the same flavorings used in many of the foods and
drinks you already consume. 

4. Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine Nicotine, in its pure form is added to
the e liquid. Therefore, many of the chemicals that come from the
tobacco leaf are not present. Nicotine in its pure form is generally
considered a low grade stimulant comparable to caffeine.  

5. Extracted Nicotine - Nicotine is extracted from the tobacco leaf and is then mixed with the other ingredients. 5 strengths: 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg. These numbers indicate the amount of nicotine found in the e liquid. The traditional tobacco cigarette contains about 18 mg, a light cigarette 12 mg, an ultra light 6 mg. Depending on what type of tobacco cigarette you smoke, you should understand this relationship. Zero milligram users are often called "non-nic vapers".  3 mg is for the "drippers", MOD users.

We are currently seeking distributors in the United States and Europe. Contact steven@radvapor.com for more information.

​Since 2012, RAD Vapor has been revolutionizing the market and holds 2 patents in the electronic cigarette category.